O2 danse was created from the passion and desire to take contemporary, poetic, dynamic and sensual dance performances to a higher level. 
From Aude Lenherr's vision comes a company able to entertain and amaze. Through fluidity of movement and creative choreography any event will be made unforgettable, Be it a private business function or festival, an opening to the most intimate of occasions, O2 danse will be there to provide the "oxygen" to let the client breathe.
The goal of O2 danse has always been to provide an inventive platform that promotes collaboration between artists of all kinds. By bringing together like-minded people, projects are borne out of a creative collective. Musicians and dancers, choreographers, performers, actors and multimedia artists bring an alternative world to life.
For O2 danse, contemporary dance is an art form rich in possibilities to be enjoyed by everyone.
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Anne Jaquiery
Amandine Estoppey
Catherine Jodoin
Déborah Hofstetter
Diana Lambert
Christian Hagelheit
Rogelio Landa Barbosa
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